Friday, November 17, 2006

5k Benefit Race a success

Last weekend Street Soccer 945 was back in action at Belmont Abbey College participating in their 5k race for Hunger Week at the college. Team members Pop45, Tony Kelley, Aubrie Finley, Chuck Allen, Cyrus Wuor and Ty were joined by James Gathings (writer and photography class member) and volunteer Brandon Bayes. On Friday we went out and met the race coordinators and help spray paint the course and assist with the set-up and on Saturday Tony and I were the representative racers for the team while Pop, James, Brian and Chuck helped with the cheering and sharing of Street Soccer 945 stories. When the race started Tony and I shot out of the gate into the lead waving our hands but were eventually passed by the more fit college students. Tony has never been one to shoot out in front when it comes to achieving his fitness goals so I was hoping for him just to finish and though there was under the breath cursing and chest burning, we kept our legs moving and found a breathing rythm and were able to finish the race sprinting down Abbey Lane and breaking through the red tape. After the race Michael O'Hearn, race coordinator, presented Street Soccer with a check for $1035.45 and Pop graciously thanked everyone for their support. Our thanks was and is passed onto Michael, Merriam, Ruth Payne, Corein Brown, and everyone involved with Hunger Week at Belmont Abbey College.

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