Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome Street Soccer 945 Fans and Players

Welcome to our new Street Soccer 945 Blog! In addition to Coach Lawrence's newsletters we want everyone to come here to read stories about our team, get updated on the latest news in the Street Soccer world, and most importantly to interact with the coaches and players of Street Soccer 945. We just finished our latest season last week and now we're back at it on the practice field getting fit and hungry to capture our club's first ever victory. Over the last months the team has developed a core group mixed of young and athletic players to go along with our veterans making the team as strong as it has ever been. We encourage everyone to make comments to our blog and as always let us know if you want to come out and practice with us or contribute to our team in anyway. How excited are you? The Homeless World Cup in South Africa is now just 5 months away and the first ever Street Soccer USA Cup is coming to Charlotte even sooner!!!! - Coach Rob


carringtonpbrown said...

congradulatiuons!!!!! lawrence and rob's mom

Eric the wash DC juggler man said...

You guys are doing a great job. However, it seems that you forgot to put my photo on your website...An accidental oversite I'm sure! about it guys? An action photo would be preferable. I'll consult with my agent and see what he thinks.

Lawrence said...

eric, tell your agent he contact my agent. in the mean time i'll see if we can't dig up an action shot of you for the blog. i need your email to so i can alert you. thanks, L